Welcome to Heartpace Coaching

Which of these relationship challenges impact you the most?

  • You keep repeating the same old arguments and can’t seem to find a way out.
  • Your relationship is suffering under the weight of health problems, family problems, a job loss or change, or other life stresses.
  • Is your relationship suffering in the revealing of and aftermath of infidelity?
  • Your midlife relationship feels dull, has lost its passion, and you are drifting apart.
  • The transition to retirement isn’t going as smoothly as you expected and your relationship is suffering.
  • You fear getting older and think the best years of your life have passed.
  • You are tired of (or dislike) the dating scene and want to find your life partner.
  • You are faced with difficult circumstances in caring for and making decisions for your aging parents.

If any of these problems are true for you, I want you to know you are not alone. I can help you find solutions that really work so that you live happily creating the life you most want.

A Welcome Message from Suzanne Kilkus

People who work with me:

  • Resolve arguments and find their way to long-lasting agreement
  • Face the challenges of life transitions with greater ease and calm
  • Improve their health and well being in midlife and beyond
  • Reignite the spark of passion at any stage of relationship
  • Design their lives for satisfaction, happiness, and fulfillment
  • Face the challenges of healing after an affair and make whatever is the best decision for their relationship. 

Relationship has the great potential for creating big piles of fun, deep wells of pain or anything in between. I have spent the majority of my professional and personal life finding out how to create the fun and enjoyment and minimize the pain and struggle. I study the research, apply the best practices, and use my own relationship as a proving ground for what works.

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