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“Listening is an act of love” Comments Off on “Listening is an act of love”

“Listening is an act of love”

Posted on Jul 7, 2016

I recently returned from a wonderful vacation road trip during which I had some good time to listen to a variety of the life all around me. I realized again how important listening is to me, how important...

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Last Video: Book Club E Squared Concluded Comments Off on Last Video: Book Club E Squared Concluded

Last Video: Book Club E Squared Concluded

Posted on Feb 3, 2014

My friends and I shared our experience with the book E-Squared by Pam Grout and in this video we wrap up the discussion. Last week we talked about the experiment #10 associated with The Loaves and Fishes...

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‘Tis the season for ….. imprinting? Comments Off on ‘Tis the season for ….. imprinting?

‘Tis the season for ….. imprinting?

Posted on Dec 12, 2013

I’ve been thinking about imprinting lately.  It was triggered by my noticing the whole body mark I made on a pool deck when I laid down wet. (oh, I was in a warm spot – Hawaii – when this happen in...

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Suzanne on the Radio Comments Off on Suzanne on the Radio

Suzanne on the Radio

Posted on Jun 20, 2013

The focus of 2 radio programs I was on recently was relationship skills and actions that create harmony and ease – lots of enjoyable discussion. Listen: June  6 radio interview Healing from an Affair...

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Expand, Express, and Grow! Comments Off on Expand, Express, and Grow!

Expand, Express, and Grow!

Posted on Jun 18, 2013

It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.  e. e. cummings Sitting here in my front garden under the tall service berry bush and surrounded by blooming plants I marvel at the quest of...

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