Vacation State of Mind

Vacation State of Mind

Susan Kilkus on her path (Woodland scene) We all know that taking a vacation break is a good thing to do regularly. But equally important is a vacation state of mind.

I use to divide up my life into segments of work and play, of doing what was required of me so that I could “earn” time off for enjoying myself doing fun things like going on vacation with my loved ones. I did this in my early work life and took it into my self-employment for a few years, so I know that this was my mindset and not something imposed on me from the j.o.b. world. Enjoyment needed to be earned. Work first, play later.

Then it came to me that life didn’t have to be this way. In fact, I was in charge of my attitude about work and play, about enjoyment and fun. So I decided to change my mind. I decided to enjoy everything I did, even the stuff that I “had” to do. You know, the kind of stuff that keeps us going in life, keeps our environment supporting us, the dishes, cleaning up, organizing things, attending to business, whatever is needed to keep life going smoothly. And I also decided that if I didn’t really enjoy something I’d either find a way to enjoy it or find someone to do it for me. My son as a young boy could turn anything into enjoyment. He was the perfect mentor for me.

And I also decided that my work life had to be something I absolutely loved to do so that enjoying myself was never in question. Because when we enjoy ourselves, we give our best, we’re creative and innovative. We’re at the top of our game, making the contributions that we’re here to make.

Susanne Kilkus in Door County - Lake Michigan, bike attireSince I made that decision many years ago, my life is a vacation everyday in terms of my attitude. So while it’s a good idea to get a break from our routines every once in a while to refresh and reset ourselves, making sure that one’s attitude is enjoyment is essential for living an abundant life.

May you have a vacation state of mind and an abundance of joy today, And may an abundance of all good things be yours!

Suzanne Kilkus, PhD

Suzanne Kilkus, PhD believes that being open to learning defines the ease of our lives. And that our capacity for giving and receiving love defines the depth of our lives. She delights in assisting couples and individuals in creating greater ease and more love in their lives and relationships. She lives, laughs and loves with her husband, Steve, in Madison, WI and can be reached at