Relationships: the Path to Health and Happiness

Kinetic sculture looks like a radiant flower

We talk about the connection between relationships and health.

  • The quality of personal and work relationships affects the experience of our health.
  • Personal health and well being deeply affect our ability to be fully present and engaged in all our relationships.
  • How we are in relationship – our attitude, choices, and actions – affects others in both positive and negative ways.
  • How we handle our connections with others and how we care for ourselves in relationship will create the experience we have of life in general.

From my experiences as a marriage and family therapist , I see the significant connection between relationships and health.

Consider this for yourself. If you’re not feeling well physically or emotionally, how do you engage in your relationships? Or if you’re in trouble in any of your significant relationships, how do you feel physically? …emotionally? …mentally?

Circle of hands - we are in this together.“All health and happiness
comes through relationship”

Heartspace Coaching creates a powerful alliance which helps you discover your way to live with authenticity, power, mindfulness, success, and joy. As your coach I honor your unique talents and abilities as well as your inherent worth as a spiritual/human being. I believe that life is best lived as a learning opportunity. I also believe in greeting everyday with the question:

How can I create more love, appreciation, and fun while making my best contribution to the world around me?

“Being open to learning defines the ease of our lives. Our capacity for giving and receiving love defines the depth of our lives.”

Are you ready to live a life of greater ease and deeper meaning?

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