Helping people thrive through midlife challenges

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How to make the rest of your life the best of your life!

I help individuals and couples transition through midlife challenges:

I work with people in midlife and beyond who want to design their lives for happiness, love, and vibrant health. My business is to assist people like you in discovering how to create what you most want whether you’re dealing with personal or relationship problems, divorce, family changes, children leaving home (or not), health problems, job change, retirement, caring for elderly parents, or the loss of a loved one.

While some changes are welcome, others are stressful and scary, causing you to lose your zest for relationships and life. These challenges can even have you wondering if living a happy, healthy, seriously fun life is even possible at this stage.


I don’t just believe it’s possible…I know it’s possible!

Formal education doesn’t teach much about successful living, about creating happy, life-long, intimate relationships, about creating health and wellness every day, and about how to understand ourselves, our motivations and how to create what we most want. My spouse and I have made it our life’s work to create a happy passionate relationship with each other and I help others create the life and relationships they want. My methods and approach have been very successful at that for many years now. I can help you do the same!


Suzanne Kilkus Heartspace CoachingSuzanne Kilkus, PhD, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Certified Relationship Transformation and Body Centered Coach with the Hendricks Institute and is a Certified Mindful Coach with Guiding Mindful Change. She has been helping couples and individuals make positive changes and create lives of love, creativity, and contribution for over 30 years.

My training, expertise, and experience allow me to coach and support people effectively in creating vibrant relationships, robust health, and glowing vitality. (Read more about Suzanne)


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