2 Great Workshops–3 Great People!

2 Great Workshops–3 Great People!

FROM:  Steve

Suzanne and I just returned from two fabulous weekend workshop/retreats.  We learned a lot and will be using what we learned in our public teachings as well as our personal lives.  Instead of trying to summarize what we brought home with us, I want to tell you how you can find out more about this stuff yourself and introduce you to three people who are influential in our own personal and professional lives.

First, we ventured out to Ventura, California, March 19-21, to have fun with our long-time friends and mentors, Gay and Katie Hendricks.  What we know and teach about relationships has been sparked and nurtured by their teachings and personal example.  We met them for the first time back in the early 1990’s and they continue to develop and teach the finest ideas and activities to make our relationships the most fun possible.  They have just created the Couples Catalyst process by which we can learn who we are and what we want by focusing on how we do our personal relationships.  We learned this time how our happy, healthy relationship with each other can become a “manifestation magnet” for both of us to bring what we most want into our lives (including riches of all kinds!).  In addition we learned how to light up our lives to serve as a powerful “beacon of inspiration” to everyone around us.  Our time together was fun as well as enlightening.  Watch for more info here about what we learned. 

But if you want a head start go to www.hendricks.com to learn more about their wonderful lives and work.  You will not be disappointed!!

Secondly, this past weekend we found ourselves in the profound presence of another superb teacher at a three day retreat here in Madison, WI.  Flint Sparks, a PhD Clinical Psychologist and Zen Buddhist priest, has been coming to Madison during the spring for the past 7 years.  He is special.  The focus of this session was Clear Care, an idea that the Buddha called Appamada.  Actually tradition identifies this as the last word that the Buddha uttered before he died.

“The practice of Apppamada, of taking care, is to be continually aware.  Then instead of consciousness being just a series of moments separated by gulfs of unconsciousness that constitute our day, our lives become more and more present, alert, attentive, here, mindful, rather than the opposite.”  

Flint teaches with the aid of superb poetry by the likes of Mary Oliver and David Whyte.  He uses gentle but powerful activities to allow our attention to be drawn to what rattles around in us that needs to be calmed.  Attendees often refer to time spent with Flint as “game-changing” in their lives.  Every minute is worthwhile.

I want to introduce you to Flint and to learn more about him by going to his two websites: www.flintsparks.com and www.appamada.org   

Have fun!!

Suzanne Kilkus, PhD

Suzanne Kilkus, PhD believes that being open to learning defines the ease of our lives. And that our capacity for giving and receiving love defines the depth of our lives. She delights in assisting couples and individuals in creating greater ease and more love in their lives and relationships. She lives, laughs and loves with her husband, Steve, in Madison, WI and can be reached at heartspace@charter.net.