Staying Calm in a Storm

Posted on Jun 8, 2011

A friend sent me a description of a dream she had recently. “A hurricane was raging and she was sitting in the eye of the storm safely. She instantly knew it was about the financial upheaval around the...

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Love the one you’re with…YOURSELF!

Posted on May 20, 2011

To state the obvious – we all need love!  Most of us look only for love outside of ourselves – from partners, spouses, family, children, friends, God.  But we often forget a most important source of...

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Meditation and Happiness

Posted on Apr 20, 2011

In this article I want to give you a view of mindfulness meditation that hopefully will be an invitation for practice and/or support and encouragement for your journey.  At the end of the article I will give...

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3 Questions for Easy Decision Making

Posted on Mar 20, 2011

Many times it’s easy to know what to say and do in a given situation such as the everyday tasks in our lives.  But there often are times when we are faced with the need to respond or act and we’re...

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