Thanks for making us a Constant Contact All Star!

Thanks for making us a Constant Contact All Star!

Logo says we're a winner... but of course we knew that alreadyConstant Contact gave the HeartSpace Coaching Newsletter a 2012 All Star Award.

This was surprising news and a good time to express our gratitude to you for being on the email list. There is so much out there that wants our attention, thank you for engaging and interacting with HeartSpace Coaching newsletter, website and social media.

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Suzanne Kilkus, PhD

Suzanne Kilkus, PhD believes that being open to learning defines the ease of our lives. And that our capacity for giving and receiving love defines the depth of our lives. She delights in assisting couples and individuals in creating greater ease and more love in their lives and relationships. She lives, laughs and loves with her husband, Steve, in Madison, WI and can be reached at